Microsoft Shows up Live Tiles for Windows 10

Windows 10 Live Tiles

In the last years, Microsoft has been working on making sure that its “Live Tiles” feature becomes more capable and interactive. Since the release of the Windows 8, Microsoft has modified several times the user interface of the “Live Tiles”, but the way you interact with the Windows 10 still remains the same.

However, soon enough, this will most likely change and Microsoft will make a big announcement during the upcoming “Build” conference, that will be held in San Francisco, CA during March 30 – April 1, 2016.

So, next week, during this conference, Microsoft will hold a session entitled “What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications”. During this session, Microsoft will tease the audience about the changes that the Live Tiles will receive soon enough. The session notes that the “Live Tiles is evolving” and two of most requested features are about to come to it. We remind you that Windows 10 OS was supposed to come with interactive Live Tiles, so Microsoft might finally include them in this update.

We remind you that, previously, we’ve seen an “interactive tile view” concept, which will make it easier to interact and respond to notifications within applications. For example, instead of tapping on a tile to reply to an email, you will be able to scroll through the messages from within the Tile and reply inline.

This will be very useful for many apps that you are using frequently (such as the calculator), which means that you will not need to launch the full application in order to use it. We’re not sure yet what Microsoft will reveal during the upcoming “Build” conference, but we will find out in less than one week.

What changes do you think that Microsoft will bring to “Live Tiles”? Are you using “Live Tiles” in Windows 10 or do you prefer to ignore them and use the new operating system as in the Window 7?

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