Microsoft has finally announced the availability of its new Office 365 suite for enterprise, corporate accounts, SMEs and consumers in the Indian market. It includes a bunch of new tools and features which, and it can be integrated various devices and platforms.

The new Office 365 works on multiple platforms across different browsers on phones, tablets and PCs and it also features cloud integration. Office 365 now has a new social element which enables users and organizations to share data via such social layers using Yammer, Lync and other similar services.

A single user can install Office 365 on a total of five devices. It provides support for various cloud management tools as per the convenience of the organizations or an individual. This means that organizations can not only opt-in for hybrid environments but they can also choose the private cloud option.

While it will work efficiently with a keyboard and mouse, Office 365 is now touch and pen enabled, making it much easier to use on mobile devices. It will be available on various mobile operating systems including, Android, Windows Phone and others.

One can get the new Microsoft Office 365 directly through Microsoft or through an authorized retail outlet or Open License partners. Microsoft has also partnered with Airtel which will allow Airtel Broadband users to buy the software and pay for it via their monthly bill.

The cost for Office 365 depends on the customer types and usage patterns. The Home Premium edition will cost Rs. 499 for a year, while it will vary for small and large business, ranging from $6 per user per month to $22 per user per month.

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