Lyft will Introduce Round Up & Donate in the Upcoming Future

Lyft is mainly known as being Uber’s biggest competitor, but the company is so much more than that. What sets Lyft apart from Uber is the fact that it focuses more on people rather than cars. The reason we are talking about Lyft today is because the service will now feature a new program that’s entitled Round Up & Donate. As its name implies, the program will give users the ability to donate a small sum of money towards a charity whenever they take a ride.

Round Up & Donate

Because the program involves spending extra amounts of money, riders will have to manually opt in the program. The way this program works is that it rounds up the travel cost and it donates the extra amount. So for example if a ride costs $15.75, the program will round it up to $16 and donate the additional $0.25 to a charity. While the additional sum might not sound that much, when combined with thousand others of different riders it adds up.

Pursuit of Equality

In order to make this program is known, Lyft has put up an ad that revolves around donating to different charities such as climate change. We should mention that Lyft has yet to announce which are the specific charities that will benefit from these small donations. However, a Lyft official has announced that riders will be able to choose from a charity list. Even better, riders will be able to change their charity on a daily basis if they want to.

This isn’t the first time we see this type of charity work. There are many shops which use the same method such as Ride Austin. The latter is a Texan based ride-share nonprofit company that allows riders to donate money in order to “provide local charities contributions on an ongoing basis”. This app just shows us how much Texans care for their communities and for the people that surrounds them.

Nonetheless, Lyft has proven once again that it puts a high price on charities. The company has already donated one million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union. It’s great seeing that huge companies such as Lyft are doing good work like this and not forgetting about important issues such as climate change.

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