Leaked iPhone 8 Features Lead Analysts to Believe that Apple will Sell 260 Million Units

Leaks and rumors are pointing towards the fact that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will feature a completely innovative design. These leaks are leading analysts to believe that this is going to be Apple’s best year yet in terms of sales percentages. Rod Hall who is an analyst at JPMorgan has announced that Apple will sell 260 million of iPhone 8 units this year.

What’s interesting is that the Wall Street Journal thinks the otherwise. The Street’s analysis takes in consideration the fact that Apple managed to upset its fan-base last year when it decided to not change the way its iPhone lineup is designed.

On the other hand, Rod Hall has taken a closer look at all the leaks regarding iPhone 8’s features and came to the conclusion that Apple is going to be the number one smartphone manufacturer when it comes to profits. Even though 260 million units might sound like huge number, readers should that it’s entirely possible since last year Apple managed to sell 211 million iPhone units.

Leaks and Rumors

iPhone 8 is expected to be priced around $1000. The reason why the smartphone is going to be so expensive is because it will feature an innovative edge-to-edge OLED display. Even though there is no official leaked picture, prototype pictures are showing that iPhone 8 is going to be quite good looking.

In addition, the flagship smartphone is expected to ship with a light augmented main camera that’s going to allow users to refocus already snapped pictures. The front side hasn’t been forgotten at all and iPhone 8 will be equipped with a 3D facial recognition selfie camera. More interestingly, Rod Hall is hinting towards the fact that iPhone 8 is said to ship without a physical home button. Apple will actually embed a fingerprint sensor beneath the display instead.

Let’s just hope that Rod Hall’s predictions come true and Apple’s upcoming smartphone flagship is going to be as impressive as marketed. We should also mention that Rod Hall has a positive record when it comes to predicting profits. Nonetheless, Apple will surely have to up its game since Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will be equally impressive.

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