iPad Pro vs iPad Pro 2 – Apple Fans are in for a Good Year

Apple fans should be happy to know that the Cupertino based tech giant is expected to refresh its iPad Pro offering this year. The already existing iPad Pro models have been quite successful in terms of sales and knowing that Apple is always looking for ways to generate profits, we can be sure that iPad Pro 2 is on its way.

The reason why everyone is highly enthusiastic about the upcoming iPad Pro 2 is because it’s expected to bring major changes in comparison with the already existing models. For starters, iPad Pro 2 will be available in three variants and it will be equipped with the brand new A10X processor or Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake chipset.

Although Apple has done a good job of keeping iPad Pro 2 under wraps, this hasn’t stopped the tech community from speculating about its specs. We have rounded up the most reoccurring rumors and speculations surrounding iPad Pro 2 and we will present them right now.

iPad Pro vs iPad Pro 2: Availability

As previously mentioned, iPad Pro 2 will ship in three variants. This is quite surprising since Apple traditionally launches only two variants of iPad Pro. The new model will be the 10.5 inches one and it’s going to be mid-budget oriented. The reason why Apple is including another model is because it wants to cater to different budgets.

iPad Pro vs iPad Pro 2: Processor

The 2015 iPad Pro is powered by Apple’s own A9X processor. Even though this chipset is impressive Apple is required to upgrade it. All major companies upgrade their processors whenever a new product is unveiled. Rumor has it that iPad Pro 2 will be fueled by Apple’s more high-end A10X processor. This will give it quite a boost in performance. Additionally, if Apple does decide to go with Intel’s Kaby Lake chipset this will not be a bad decision either.

iPad Pro vs iPad Pro 2: Apple Pencil 2

All iPad Pro models have been bundled with a special stylus. The stylus come in quite handy since it broadens the range of features iPad Pro is able to provide owners with. The new iPad Pro 2 is expected to come with a brand new stylus. In fact, Apple has actually patented a new stylus that’s been fitted with a rechargeable battery.

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