iPad Gets More Affordable In India, Now Starts at Rs. 24,500

So the iPad officially entered the Indian markets last month, which was much to our annoyance as this was very late, considering that Apple is all prepared to unleash the iPad 2 on the US markets in a couple of days. Anyways, the good news is that the Apple iPad prices have been slashed and it is now more affordable than before. It is now just a scenario in India, but priced of the original iPad have been reduced globally.

Now, the base iPad model which is the 16GB Wi-Fi one is priced at Rs. 24,500, then the 32GB Wi-Fi is priced at Rs. 29,500 and the 64GB Wi-Fi is priced at Rs. 34,500. This is super affordable looking at the competitors and what they have to offer. Moving on to the 3G+Wi-Fi models, the 16GB is priced at Rs. 31,990, then the 32GB is priced Rs. 36,990 and finally the 64GB is priced at Rs. 41,990.

Well, this is real good deal if you are planning to purchase an iPad and if you are not really a heavy user who does not mind 3G connectivity, then it can get an even more affordable. Anyways, let us know what you think about the price drop and what about the iPad 2, when do you think it is hitting the Indian markets officially?

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