iOS Apps You Cannot Live Without

Top iOS Apps

There are new iOS users every day and the reason for the strong demand is also because of the applications present in the App Store. There are plenty of good ones but here are some that we highly recommend:

Instant Messaging: Whatsapp

Whatsapp is simply the best instant messaging client at the moment. It works seamlessly as it takes your contacts from your address book instead. With millions of users across different platforms, Whatsapp is the IM to go with.

Note-Taking: Springpad

Evernote used to take the lead but now Springpad comes as an even better competitor. Through Springpad, you not only can create notes but also search for movies, write to-do lists, record voice notes and more.

News: Flipboard

Flipboard is an easy way to get your latest dose of news. From technology to business, you can be sure that the contents on Flipboard are some of the freshest that are available. In fact, you can even create a board for your social networking website such as Facebook and Twitter as well.

Finances: Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance is a great application to use especially if you want to spend within a budget. It is a highly recommended spending monitoring application in the App Store. Toshl can create reminders every day on which you can key in your expenditures. You can also sync the data with your other devices as well.

Maps: Waze Social

Maps by Apple is plagued with a lot of problems and as such, Waze Social is the better option. It gives you live update on your route as well as indications as to whether there is heavy traffic or police. It is highly reliable but it also depends on the community to keep it alive. You can search for places through Waze, Google, Bing and even FourSquare (the latter is our favorite).

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