iOS 9.3 Fixes Major Bugs – Newest Features and Improvements

iOS 9.3 Bugs

According to reports, the iOS 9.3 was released with a glitch that was causing problems to some older iPads and iPhones. A small group of iPad users said that their devices become “bricked” after updating to iOS 9.3 via iTunes and the Software Update in the Settings app.

The error was saying that the iPad was not activated because the activation server was temporarily unavailable. Then, the user was advised to connect his/her iPad to iTunes in order to activate it or to try again in a few minutes. Unfortunately, this issue was still persisting even after several hours. At the same time, a user has complained that an employee from the Apple Store didn’t know how to fix this problem.

However, Apple has released an updated build for the iOS 9.3, which fixed all the devices that were affected by the activation bug. The new version is still named iOS 9.3, but it has a new build number called 13E5237.

It seems that after Apple has discovered the issues, it stopped issuing the iOS 9.3 to older devices. With other words, if your iDevice was bricked by the iOS 9.3 update, you will want to restore it via the Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode by opening iTunes while the device is connected to your computer. DFU mode will make sure that your iDevice can still communicate with iTunes without activating the boot loader or iOS.

For more information, we suggest you to watch this video:

However, if your iPad or iPhone was not updated to the bugged iOS 9.3 version, then you can now update to the new iOS 9.3 build by going to your device’s Settings->Software Update.

We remind you that this is not the first time when Apple has patched the iOS 9.3, as it also brought a patch for this new iOS version a few hours later after it was released, in order to prevent the second generation of iPads from becoming bricked.

Have you installed the iOS 9.3 on your iPhone or iPad? Did your device become bricked after installing it or you didn’t have any problems?

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