Inventions that were better off not being invented!

Technology is essentially a ‘good’ thing, though good and bad are judgement calls. But technology simplifies life, screws the environment (and what man worth his salt doesn’t like global warming!!) and all in all gives us more gadgets to obsess over.

But then again there are some technological inventions that are so unnecessary that even their inventors prefer distancing themselves from their inventions!

So in no particular order here goes…

The Self-Photo-Take-Outing-Handle:

The self photo take outing handle thingy: So you don’t look like a complete idiot in your facebook picture!!

The Butter Stick

The Butter Stick: For the man on the go…or when there isn’t time to spread butter on toast the conventional way!!

The Eco-friendly Cigarette Lighter:

The Eco-friendly Cigarette Lighter: For the environmentally responsible yet partially retarded smoker!!

The Ketchup Server:

The Ketchup Pump/Server for the idiots who don’t know that you get the ketchup in the squeezy tube thingies!!

The Toilet Paper Hat:

Need we say more??

Until next time!!

3 thoughts on “Inventions that were better off not being invented!”

  1. I think, we should be thankful to the things that plays a big role and helps us a lot in all our work and that is technology.Technology today makes our life more comfortable but we should not abuse of using this and also we should not be dependent on the technology that we used today. Sometimes, we should work in our own way in not depending to the technology.

  2. We should be thankful that many people invent new things that we can use in our daily needs.

  3. Sometime that’s looks funny and silly invention, even if they are very good but I do not know why always people are looking for technology that can fulfill their all the small needs also.  I think today we all are become very dependent to the technology.

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