Intel, at the Game Developers Conference claimed that its ‘Haswell’ chip is designed to improve gaming.
The California based chipmaker announced tools, called as extensions for software developers that allow Intel’s 4th generation Intel Core (Haswell) chipset to process better quality special effects.

Intel also revealed that, PixelSync is one of the first extensions which allows developers to make smoke, hair, windows, foliage, fences and other complex structures look far more realistic. PixelSync also enables a feature called Order Independent Transparency (OIT) which lets you render transparent elements in the right order, which makes the effects look better and accurate.

The second extension is InstantAccess is Intel’s implementation of zero copy. With InstantAccess, Intel’s graphic driver allows faster data sharing between the CPU from the GPU. This way, the CPU can work on a GPU address without a copy and then release it back to the GPU. In simpler terms, it’s a lot of time saving which allows data to be processed faster in-turn providing smoother gameplay.

Haswell is predicted to be released in June this year and is expected to boost performances – battery life and graphics.

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