HTC 10 Impresses With Over the Top Hardware Performances

The past few years HTC has started losing its popularity in the smartphone world and ever since then, the Taiwanese manufacturer has been doing its best to get back to its old glory. It looks like the way HTC wants to achieve its goal is by providing customers with a constant stream of high-end smartphones. HTC 10 is the best that the company has to offer right now and the smartphone is definitely worthy of holding the title as a flagship smartphone.

HTC 10 was launched back in 2016 and it’s selling well to this day. Today we’re going to take a look under its hood and see what makes it so special. We will mainly focus on the hardware performances HTC 10 is able to provide customers with because we believe that smartphones have become quite an important aspect of our everyday lives and hardware power is very important.

HTC 10: Hardware Power

The smartphone industry has been getting more competitive with each year and that’s why the Taiwanese tech giant decided to equip the smartphone with only high-end hardware parts. Nonetheless, let’s pop-up its hood and see what lies beneath.

HTC 10 is powered by Qualcomm’s highly impressive quad-core Snapdragon 820 chipset. The processor has four cores that have been clocked at 2.15GHz and other four ones that clock at 2.1GHz. If the processor’s speed doesn’t seem enough, readers should know that HTC has coupled Qualcomm’s chipset with an Adreno 530 graphics processing unit and 4GB of RAM.

Even better, the device is fueled by a rather large 3,000 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery. HTC has carefully optimized the battery so that it’s able to last for hours on end. In fact, the battery puts up 456 hours of 3G standby time and 27 hours of 3G talk time. Additionally, when it comes to internal storage space HTC 10 ships with 32GB and 64GB of expandable memory.

HTC 10: Conclusion

The smartphone has been carefully designed and this can be clearly seen in its hardware parts. This configuration between Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM is more than capable of providing owners with impressive hardware performances. With that being said, HTC 10 is definitely going back to its old glory if it keeps on producing high-end smartphone such as this.

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