Horizon: Zero Dawn Features a Immersive And Realistic Open-World Map

Microsoft and Sony are competing against each other in the console industry on a daily basis. Customers are never sure which gaming platform is worth their money because they feature the same hardware specs, this is where game exclusivity comes in. Sony’s PS4 usually has the upper hand because there are many companies that make games for PS4 and not for Xbox One.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Map

One great example of a PS4 exclusive game that makes customers more inclined to acquire a PS4 is Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game has been developed by Guerilla Games and it’s a masterpiece. The game developer is known for putting a high price on small details, and this is why Horizon: Zero Dawn’s world is so mesmerizing.

This is an open-world game and that’s why its environment matters so much. Classic open-world games such as Skyrim have been successful because they featured a immersive world. Horizon: Zero Dawn followed the same map model that was used in Skyrim and that’s why it features a cool futuristic looking interactive world that’s been fitted with an amazing story.

As previously mentioned, Guerilla Games is very careful when it comes to small details. For example, there’s a viral GIF going around right now that shows a puddle that evaporates when the sun comes out. If this doesn’t show that Horizon: Zero Dawn is something special, than we don’t know what does.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Story

The game takes place in a futuristic world where robots have taken over the world. Only a handful of humans were left alive and they had to return to their savage survival methods. Players will be able to control Alloy who is an outcast, outsider that’s trying to survive on her own.

Alloy will roam the open-world with her special mechanic bow and complete missions all over the map. The huntress will be faced against huge, mechanical robots that will try to kill her and she must prevail in order to survive. Worth mentioning is that Alloy is a female, and we have to give props to Guerilla Games for choosing a female protagonist. Almost all open-world games always feature male characters and forget that females can be heroes too.

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