Google Stops Working with OEMs

Back in October, 2017 Google decided to leave the likes of Huawei, LG and Motorola behind and venture into the smartphone world by itself with Pixel and Pixel XL. The Android parent has received some harsh criticism because it decided to take on the role of OEM.

Google Stops Helping OEMs

The Android parent is known for always teaming up with different tech manufacturers and creating devices that are then branded under the Nexus name. Well, now Google has decided to take a different route and show everyone that it can do all of this on its own. This is why Google stopped working with OEMs.

What’s interesting is that the tech community started lashing back at Google for the decision it made. Even though Android fans were happy to receive a “pure” Android experience, fans of Samsung, Motorola and so on aren’t that happy. The reason behind is that these OEMs will no longer have the necessary tools to make their devices the best when it comes to software support.

Although it’s pretty clear why Google decided to walk on its own path. The previously mentioned smartphones were selling quite well because of the amount of software support Google was providing these devices with. Additionally, the fact that Google is directly managing the Nexus brand inspired trust among customers. This is why Google considered that it was ready to start producing its “self-made” smartphone and stop sharing profits with other OEMs.

Another good reason behind Google’s decision to stop working with OEMs is because they now represent competition. As everybody knows by now, the smartphone industry is the most competitive one. All major companies are coming with new smartphones every month and this is increasing the competition. Additionally, new tech manufacturers keep on joining in the race every year. For example, Chinese manufacturers have flooded the market with cheap smartphones that provide customers with impressive hardware performances.

Nonetheless even though Google decided to manufacturer Pixel and Pixel XL on its own, we can safely say that this was a wise decision. Google has been generating huge amounts of profits as a result. Also, we can be sure that the highly anticipated Pixel 2 will be even more successful than the already existing smartphones.

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