Google starts same-day delivery service

Yes, you heard it right! Google Inc has started same-day delivery service called Google Shopping Express (GSE) on Thursday. The Express service is believed to compete with Ebay, Wal-Mart Stores and

Google had been testing this service with its own employees for a few months and opened it for public on Thursday Morning. It is currently available only in San Francisco and residents living down south from San Mateo to San Jose.

GSE will be a paid service, but users who sign-up now will get six months of free, same-day delivery service with a few select retailers. The charges are not yet revealed.

US National retailers like Target Corp, Office Depot Inc, Staples Inc and Toys ‘R’ Us Inc are amongst the companies who will be working with Google for GSE. Smaller shops like Blue Bottle Coffee and Palo Alto Toy & Sport are also reported to participate.

This is not the first time anyone has tried this service in America. Ebay had launched a same-day delivery service in Sand Francisco and New York Last Year. Similarly, world’s largest retailer; Wal-Mart Stores is currently believed to be testing a same-day delivery service called Walmart To Go in five metro areas. This service also stands as a competition to the largest online retailer Inc.

This is not the first time Google has taken the world to a surprise; it has always been making futuristic acquisitions and innovations which make us wonder – What is Google?

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