Google Pixel Laptop Not Coming Any Time Soon

Last year Google decided to finally venture into the smartphone industry by itself with the two Pixel smartphones. What many might not know is that these aren’t the first devices to be branded under the Pixel name. The first Pixel gadgets were Google’s own high-end Chromebook laptops. Seeing how the brand’s name managed to grow in popularity, everyone is expecting Google to unveil a brand new Pixel Chromebook. Sadly, the company’s Senior VP recently confirmed that this is not going to happen.

Google Pixel Laptop Isn’t Coming

Mobile Word Congress just kicked off and that’s the event where all major tech companies come together and showcases their new gadgets. Rick Osterloh who is Google’s Senior VR for Hardware attendfed MWC as well and that’s where he confirmed that Google isn’t working on a new Pixel laptop.

At the moment there are only two Pixel laptops and everyone was expecting a third one to pop-up throughout 2017. In fact, customers have actually showed interest towards acquiring a Pixel laptop. The reason behind this is that the already existing Pixel laptops are renowned for bringing high-end hardware performances for cheap prices.

Even though it looks like Google is making a mistake to not capitalize on the fact that there’s a demand for Pixel laptops, Google is actually making the right choice sticking with the Pixel smartphones. In fact, Rick Osterloh has also confirmed that Pixel smartphones are so popular that Google is having troubles supplying the demand. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, since Google is known for not being able to keep up with demands. The exact same thing happened with all the previous Nexus devices.

Although Google doesn’t plan on creating a new Pixel laptop any time soon we might see a new during the upcoming future. We think that this won’t certainly happened during 2017 since even Google’s own VP has confirmed this but maybe it will appear during 2018. As everyone knows, Chromebooks are getting more popular with each year and Google will surely want to capitalize on that. Especially since the Pixel name is growing in popularity.

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