Google Pixel 2 Rumored to Borrow Features From the iPhone 7


There are a lot of rumors going on about the following Pixel device from Google that they are going to follow Apple’s way of designing devices in terms of dropping the headphone jack completely from their next flagship device. A lot of research has been concluded on the smartphone market and experts say that the iPhone 7 has benefited from a large sales number despite dropping the headphone jack completely.

The transition has been done smoothly as they have included an adapter in the box and the move to Bluetooth greatly increased the way in which we use our devices on a daily basis. Google is sure to follow this model with their next Pixel device lineup judging by the fact that the partnership with HTC will yield again some amazing results. The guys from HTC are already removing the headphone jack from their devices and the same treatment is going to be applied to the Pixel lineup.

Not only will the device going to be water and dust proof without a headphone jack but will also increase the USB Type-C’s port more advantageously and will make room for some design changes by removing the headphone jack completely.

The device is going to have a much cleaner look and will also sport a better digital analogue converter in order to have a better way to receive a better noise cancellation which will be clutter-free due to some amazing technology strategies. This removal of the headphone jack should not be regarded as a significant change as it is not a huge deal to talk about.

Google Pixel had an amazing camera and the tech giant is sure to impress yet again with an improved version of it. These are the features which should be talk about as the change of removing the headphone jack should not count as an important one. This year, a lot of manufacturers have amazed us with intricate devices which are praise-worthy and the guys from Google have to deliver an impressive device to make sure that they withstand their direct competitors.

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