Google Nexus 7 (2017) to Replace Pixel C

The entire Android community is highly anticipating Google to refresh its Nexus 7 tablet offering this year. Sadly, Google is keeping things under wraps and doesn’t want to confirm any rumors. Everyone started believing that Nexus 7 (2017) is only a rumor and that it will never be unveiled. Fortunately, rumors started sparking up once again when the codename “Taimen” was leaked.

Nexus 7 (2017) to Arrive Under the Taimen Codename a

Taimen wasn’t the first Google codename to be leaked. Walleye and Murkie were also leaked in the same Android grit. Speculations are pointing out the fact that these three codenames are going to be used for Google’s upcoming Pixel smartphones, but what no one seems to be taking in consideration is the fact that Google only launches two Pixel smartphones a year, and not three. This is what’s leading us to believe that Taimen is actually Nexus 7 (2017) in disguise.

As everyone knows already, Google launched Pixel and Pixel XL in October of last year. The Android parent is following the same marketing tactic that Samsung and Apple are using. We are talking about the fact that both Samsung and Apple launch two versions of their smartphones.

Nexus 7 (2017) to Replace Pixel C

Pixel C is Google’s latest tablet offering and it’s safe to say that Nexus 7 (2017) is going to be its successor. What’s intriguing is that Google wants to keep using the Nexus brand name despite the fact that it’s focusing all of its attention on the newer Pixel one. The reason why Google is doing this is because the Nexus name is recognized worldwide while the Pixel one isn’t.

Nexus 7 (2017) Hardware Specs

The reason why the entire Android community is enthusiastic about this new tablet is because according to rumors, it’s going to be packed with incredible hardware parts. For starters, Nexus 7 (2017) is expected to ship with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. This is the best mobile processor that can be found on the market right now. In addition, Google might also pair the processor with a large amount of RAM such as 6GB or 8GB. All in all, until Google decides to unveil the highly anticipated tablet we can’t know anything for sure.

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