Google is Working on a New Pixel Launcher

Recent reports are showing that Google has developed a brand new Pixel Launcher and it’s testing it right now. Pixel and Pixel XL owners that are enlisted in Google’s Android Beta Program have reported that they’ve received a new Launcher. However, it seems like the new feature didn’t arrive to all Pixel owners that are registered in Google’s Beta Program. The reason why Google is only rolling out this feature to a couple of its beta users is because it’s obviously still in beta and it might present bugs and glitches.

New Pixel Launcher

Pixel and Pixel XL are Google’s flagship smartphones and both of them represent Google’s vision of perfect Android powered smartphones. This is the reason why the Android parent has equipped them with exclusive features such as the Pixel Launcher. Now it looks like Google wants to enhance the already smooth Pixel experience by adding a new launcher.

Android Beta enlisted users were able to tell that Google is testing out a new launcher when they noticed that the Search pill shaped button has been removed. The aforementioned button has only purpose and that’s to start up the Pixel Launcher.

In addition, the removed button has been replaced with an older looking Google Search Tab. The new Search Tab icon is placed along the width of the screen and it feature the same rounded edges as the old Pixel Launcher.

Android 8.0

The new Launcher is a major change but this shouldn’t surprise anyone because Google is known for always reinventing its Android operating system. Google keeps on providing Android users with a constant stream of software update that significantly enhance its operating system. For example even though Android 7.1.2 Nougat is in the testing phase, Google is already working on Android 8.0.

Regarding Android 8.0, it all started as a rumor but Google decided to upload the official factory images on its Android website. However, the operating system is a developer preview and we advise Android users to steer away from downloading it and just wait for the public edition of it.

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