Google Home Set to Enhance Life With Amazing Features and Design


Our Smart Homes are coming closer and closer and at a quick pace and results have been pretty promising as more and more tech manufacturers are entering this niche sector with amazing devices. The Google Home comes with some amazing features and its virtual assistant is beyond amazing as it is basically a real-world search tool as well as a media centre and controller, the three intertwined into a single convenient unit.

The Google Home is the perfect response to Amazon Alexa and the AI-powered assistant will be sure to mop the floor with it as it has access to Google’s broad database in order to come with interesting search features and abilities to keep a schedule and reminders.

Google Home is able to answer questions in depth in terms of being extremely insightful about complex topics. It can apply information which is offered through Google’s apps and make suggestions based on search patterns and commands which were prior given to it.

Its Google assistant is based on a cloud system and is basically a voice assistant such as Cortana and Siri. It has been specifically designed for domestic use and the unit’s design is sleek and modern thus can be placed in pretty much any place in a household.

The device looks pretty much like a jug and is believed to be highly customizable in terms of colors and finishes which range from full-metal to a soft fabric surrounding it. One will be able to use the Google Home similar how the Google Now works and will be able to allow its user to play music and stream video playback on other devices which are linked to it, features which have been previously encountered on Google Cast protocol which was issued at the same time with Chromecast.

There are a lot of amazing features to take into account and judging by its absurdly low price tag of about $179.99 dollars, it is a bargain to be had when considering what amazing things it can do. One is strongly advised to purchase the device in order to have their lives more organized and entertained.

One thought on “Google Home Set to Enhance Life With Amazing Features and Design”

  1. The big one coming is control of the Google YouTube TV service with DVR. So I will be out and about and say to my watch or phone “hey google record warriors games from now on”.

    Done! No setting a season pass. No conflicts as Google give you unlimited tuners. No space issue as get unlimited space.

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