Google Has Hired Specialists For The Production Of The Self-Driving Car

Self-Driving Car

Google has hired other 40 people with automotive industry expertise, expanding the team up to 170 workers, according to Reuters, who analyzed their profiles on LinkedIn. They come from important automobile manufacturers such as Tesla, Ford and General Motors, which means that they’re very skilled and six of them are specialized in supplier development and supply chain management. It isn’t known how big will be the final team, or when they will be able to deliver the self-driving car, but we’re hoping that this will happen until 2020.

Google will probably look for a partner to build the car, according to Paul Mascarenas, a former Ford executive, and in this moment, the company is in talks with a number of federal and state regulators about the motor vehicle safety standards and how to revise them in order to accommodate autonomous cars. Tesla, Apple, Daimler AG and GM are also building driverless vehicles, so the competition will be harsh, and Google’s team led by John Krafcik, who previously worked for Hyundai, will need to prove its talent and collaborate well with another senior executive named Paul Luskin, who did a great job for Jaguar Cars, Ford and Denso, a Japanese supplier.

Another important “acquisition” for Google is Andy Warburton, an industry veteran who was a senior engineering manager at Tesla, and an engineering manager at Jaguar, for 16 years. Sameer Kshisagar was hired in November, and he will be the head of global supply management, after gaining experience at GM. Google’s car group includes also people with experience in aerospace and electronics.

It is believed that Google will build its own engineering and design prototypes and later will team up with a Chinese automaker, or maybe collaborate with an Asian contractor. Michael Tracy, a Michigan-based auto manufacturing consultant, thinks that Google will not manufacture its own vehicles because the costs are too high and the company would be in a direct competition with established automakers.

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