Google Enhances Gmail with Payment Methods

It looks like Google is never going to stop from enhancing it’s already feature packed apps. The Android parent recently started rolling out an OTA (over the air) update that gives Gmail users the ability to transfer, receive and ask for currency straight from the mobile app. However, this feature is exclusive in the US at the moment but it will probably see a worldwide roll out during the upcoming future.

Gmail Receives Google Wallet Features

The best thing about this feature is that it’s quite simple to use. Google is renowned for putting a high price on user experience and that’s why its user interfaces are always minimalistic and simple to use. Right now we will go over the process of sending or requesting money with Gmail in order to showcase exactly how simple the process is.

  • Tap on the Gmail icon and then select the Compose button that can be found in the bottom right side;
  • Select the Paper Clip button and then tap on the “Send Money” or “Request Money” options;
  • Now type in the amount of currency that’s going to be sent or requested and tap on the “Continue” button;
  • Gmail will now ask the user to input a payment method such as Debit Card in the Google Wallet app;
  • All that’s left is to type in a memo and select the “Attach Money” option;

Additionally, because this is currency transfer or request is basically an email attachment, users will also be required to select a recipient, message and subject. Worth noting is that the recipient doesn’t necessarily have to be a Gmail user or even use Google Wallet.

The currency will be transferred straight to the recipient’s Google Wallet account free of charge. Even better if the recipient doesn’t have a Google Wallet account, he can choose to receive the money straight into his bank account also free of charge. Google will also roll out a confirmation email to both the sender and receiver in order to avoid any confusion. To wrap things up, it looks like Gmail will still remain the first the most popular email platform if Google keeps on enhancing it like this.

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