Google Earth VR Update Lets You Explore The World

Google Earth is an innovating service that was introduced to the world more than a decade ago. Since then, people have been using Google Earth in a number of ways, learning about the world as it is in real time and exploring places they never thought they’d see. Google has become known over the years as a company you can expect to innovate and refresh the industry thanks to its various services and products that have changed the tech market forever.

Just when you though it couldn’t get better, Google returns with a revisited version of Google Earth. Taking advantage of the current virtual reality craze which took the market by storm and stole the show, Google introduced Google Earth VR. Google Earth VR’s name doesn’t leave much room for imagination, and yes, it’s exactly what you think it could be.

Through the power of virtual reality, Google is giving people a chance to personally experience being in places around the globe. Through Google VR, people are able to float above the Grand Canyon or walk the streets of Paris. Of course, there’s only so much technology can do, and living the real experience will no doubt be a thousand times better. That being said, the opportunity Google is introducing shouldn’t be dismissed. It can be a great learning tool as well, especially for children. You can imagine conversations between kids and their parents where the child says the learned about the Great Wall of Chine. And the parent replies: “Do you want to go check it out?”.

Today, technology has reached a level where it is deeply incorporated into our society and way of life. This allows us to do extraordinary things and enjoy things that weren’t imaginable just a few years ago. As technology continues to evolve, so does society and the opportunities it presents. Through companies like Google which constantly research and innovate, mankind can reach amazing heights.

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