Google Chrome Receives Incremental Security Update

Google seems to be keeping itself quite busy as of late. The Android parent recently announced that it started working on launching Google Assistant to all Android powered smartphones, but there’s more. Google has actually updated its highly popular Chrome browser with a very useful update. Sadly, the new Chrome update will not be accessible by everyone. The update will only arrive to Mac owners.

Google Chrome Receives Updated Safe Browsing Protections

The Android parent is renowned throughout for paying a high price on security. This is why Google provides Android smartphone owners with a constant stream of security patch updates. Google isn’t only focusing on its mobile operating system, Chrome has recently received Safe Browsing protections. Considering the fact that the internet is packed with malicious software on all corners, it makes sense to why Google decided to enforce Chrome’s Safe Browsing protection.

What this feature basically does is that it announces Chrome users whenever they are getting close to accessing a dangerous website or download malicious software. Additionally, the important feature has also made its way to Google’s Android operating system and Gmail platform.

As everyone knows already, Chrome is a cross-platform browsing and a large majority of Mac owners are using Chrome. This is why the Mac version has received the Safe Browsing protection update. The way this feature works is by displaying red warning pages when Chrome users have accessed a dangerous website or when they are getting ready to download malware. Even better, the feature will automatically stop downloading dangerous files.

Google has announced that the new Safe Browsing protections have been specially developed to target websites with redirect the user or reset their home page. Once Google Chrome has been updated, dangerous websites will not be able to make any settings changes without the user’s approval.

Nonetheless, the major security update will be rolled out for Mac owners on March 31st. A good advice we can give Chrome users is to try and avoid websites that are filled with download links. More than often, those links will include malware that will infect the Mac.

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