Gmail vs. Outlook – Which Email Service Has More Advantages?

Gmail vs. Outlook

Many years ago, when email services were launched, many internet users were absolutely fascinated with them, because they were getting rid of the old fashioned way to keep in touch with their friends and families, by sending emails. Nowadays, we can scan important documents and send them as attachments, we can send invites to a special event etc. One of the major email services that have lasted over the years are Gmail and Outlook. What are their secrets?

While Gmail was launched in 2004 with 1GB of storage, a limit that was increased up to 15GB for the Google Accounts, Outlook is even older, being initially known as Hotmail.

The service was launched in 1996, but a year later, Microsoft has acquired and renamed it MSN Hotmail, then Windows Live Hotmail and finally, the name was switched back to, in 2013. Initially, it offered 2MB of free storage and currently, the users are limited to 2GB or 5GB, according to others.

Interface’s look is inspired from the Windows Modern UI interface, featuring a reading pane that is turned off by default, but Gmail has a cleaner interface, although others consider it uglier. In addition to the reading pane, Gmail has Labs, which allows the users to test experimental features.


In Gmail, the users have labels, not folders, which give them the possibility to tag messages with multiple labels, instead of putting them into a specific folder. In, folders are categorized, and the users can apply more categories to a message, but the message won’t be moved to that “Quick View” folder (Documents, Photos, Newsletters etc.), remaining in the one where it was moved from the first time.


Google has improved this function in Gmail, adding advanced methods to find messages from someone. So, when typing in shortcuts such as “from:” or “to:”, the users will see all the messages that they received or sent to a person. allows the users to search through messages within the Quick View folders, but there aren’t many things you can find with the Instant Search feature.

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