GameStops wants to close 150 Brick and Mortar Shops

We are sad to announce that the Gamestop era is coming to an end. The company has announced that it plans to close over 150 of its stores all throughout 2017. The reason behind this decision is that huge online retailers such as Amazon are offering blockbuster titles in big-box stores. In addition, all existing games can be downloaded directly through consoles.

GameStop is closing

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but gamers aren’t that keen on traveling long distances in order purchase their games. This is why Amazon is having such a huge success. The fact that gamers can just order their games and receive it at their homes in just a matter of days is what’s driving GameStop into the ground. Another important factor that contributes to GameStop’s decision to close over 150 stores is the fact that gamers are allowed to download their titles straight from the console systems.

GameStop Sales Percentages

According to a recent report, GameStop’s sales percentages have been declining all throughout 2016. The worst part though is the fact that all of its departments have been losing money and not only the game ones. We should also mention that GameStop is a large retailer and it has over 7.500 retail stores worldwide. This means that the GameStop franchise is not actually going to end any time soon.

The game retailer has an interesting marketing strategy because all of the 150 shops that will be closed are going to be replaced by other more successful shops such as Spring Mobile. In fact, it looks like the video game seller just wants to end its traditional brick and mortar shops.

Digital Stores

As previously mentioned, console digital stores are GameStop’s biggest competition. The video game seller is conscious about the fact that it cannot replace those stores and wants to make its shops more special.

The way GameStop wants to do that is by enhancing the purchase experience so that gamers have more reasons to come out of the house and acquire the physical copy of the game they want instead of downloading the digital edition.

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