Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 – Apple Needs to Step Up its Game

Samsung has recently introduced its Galaxy S8 smartphone flagship to the world. The smartphone is very impressive and it raises the bar for the likes of Google and Apple. In fact, now that Galaxy S8 is out everyone is wondering if Apple is going to be able to compete against Samsung. As everyone knows already, the Cupertino based tech giant is scheduled to reveal its upcoming iPhone 8 during the upcoming months and the smartphone is expected to be equally impressive as Galaxy S8.

Apple has been doing a good job of not disclosing any vital information about iPhone 8 but to Apple’s misfortune, the internet is filled with leaks and rumors about its flagship smartphone. Today we’re going to take a closer look of what’s expected of iPhone 8 and see if it will be able take on Samsung’s Galaxy S8.


One of the greatest innovations that Galaxy S8 brings to the table is its edge-to-edge display. The smartphone features an impressive 83 percent screen to body ratio. According to rumors, Apple is also going to remove the top and bottom bezels and equip its smartphone with an AMOLED edge-to-edge panel. If these rumors are proven to be true, iPhone 8 will surely be able to compete against Galaxy S8 when it comes to display technology.

Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has decided to remove the classic physical button and install a fingerprint scanner on the back side of the smartphone. Well, Apple is no stranger to removing classic features and we can be sure that Apple is going to follow in Samsung’s footsteps. The only difference is that the Cupertino based tech giant is expected to equip iPhone 8 with a 3D Touch virtual button on the front side of its smartphone.

Battery Life

Apple is infamous for always having battery related problems. The company has been doing its best in order to enhance the battery life expectancy of its devices and we can be sure that iPhone 8’s battery is going to be able to last for hours on end. Considering that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 ships with a large 3,000 mAh battery, we can expect Apple to at least equip its smartphone with a similarly sized battery.

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