Domino’s to Deliver Pizza via Robots in Germany


We live in the age of technology and this shouldn’t surprise anyone, but Domino’s has started delivering pizzas through mini robots. Some consider this as being a direct jab’s towards Pizza Hut which recently unveiled a pair of special shoes that have been entitled as Pie Tops and which can order pizza. In order to create these robots, Domino’s is collaborating with Starship Technologies.

Starship Technologies

This company is based in London and it focuses on mini building robots. Starship Technologies prides itself with the fact that it’s able to create the best small self driving robots in the world. We should mention that even though the company is based in London, the department that has developed these mini robots is stated in Estonia.

Domino’s Delivers Pizza via Robots

The Pizza maker has announced that it’s going to officially start delivering pizza via robots during this year. This will first happen in Hamburg, Germany and depending how it goes the new delivery system might also be implemented in the US. In addition, the robots will only deliver pizza in a mile radius of the Domino’s shop and they will be accompanied by a human that’s going to monitor their activity.

Domino’s is renowned throughout the entire world for always looking for ways to innovate its services. For example, last year Domino’s delivered pizza through drones in New Zealand. The delivery system was actually highly praised since the pizza usually arrived to its destination in less than 5 minutes.

Will Robots Replace Domino’s Workers?

While this might great news for everyone, Domino’s normal workers are concerned about their job safety. Well, this shouldn’t be a concern since Domino’s CEO has announced that these robots will not replace the already existing car and bike delivery systems.

Nonetheless, we have to give it to Domino’s for always being so innovative. On another note, customers will have to specially request that a robot delivers their pizza so that regular delivery systems are not used. We can be sure that during the upcoming years Domino’s will implement this innovative delivery method in the US as well.

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