Do not Download Android March Security Patch!

Google recently started rolling out the incremental March security patch and while this is usually good new, this time it isn’t. Even though these monthly security updates are being especially developed to enhance the Android experience and keep security tight, some flaws manage to slip through the cracks from time to time. After installing the security patch, Android smartphone owners will soon find out that they won’t be able to use Android Pay anymore.

Reddit is filled with threads made by Nexus 6 owners who are complaining about the fact that March’s security patch has affected their smartphone. As previously mentioned, the Android Pay feature will start malfunctioning once the smartphone has been updated. This is why we advise Nexus 6 owners to their best and avoid downloading Google’s update. We can be sure that Google is aware of this issue and it’s going to roll out a OTA (over the air) software fix. Until that happens, avoiding the update is the best option right now.

We should mention that March’s security patch actually fixes 60 security threats including a major exploit. The said exploit allows hackers to remotely execute Android powered smartphones through the use of platforms such as email and MMS. Fortunately, Google has confirmed that there aren’t any reports to show that someone has been affected by this issue.

Additionally, the aforementioned Redditors that have complained about this issue have actually managed to find out what’s causing the issue. Nexus 6 is not able to pass the SafetyNet security test. This test has been developed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to make sure that the designated Android smartphone feature is secure enough to perform mobile banking and mobile payments. The main theory is pointing out the fact that SafetyNet is somehow seeing Google’s March security patch as being a threat and not an enhancement.

Lately, the issue in cause has started spreading to other Android powered smartphones as well. Recent reports are showing that Pixel, Nexus 6P and Xiaomi Mi5 owners are also being affected by this issue. Therefore, everyone that hasn’t downloaded the update should simply wait a little longer until Google solves this problem.

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