Chrome 57 is saving energy by stifling background tabs

Using Chrome as your trustworthy browser can be a pain sometimes since it is known for eating up too much energy. If we would pay attention to Chromium blog, then we would know that background tabs are capable of using about one-third power of any devices. Keeping an eye on them is a good idea if you want to minimize the browser’s impact.

But oh well, don’t worry no more, the new version was made to use excessive power so the issue can be solved by throttling background tabs.

Chrome’s Page visibility API won’t block tabs playing audio media nor keeping alone connections like WebSockets or WebRTC cause the API thinks they are part of the foreground. The thing about the API is that unless it is not necessary to run at full capacity, it minimizes any tab the API thinks to be part of the background.

Now for the good news, Chrome announces that the new mechanism can determine about 25 percent of fewer stuffed background tabs. If you always use Chrome on your laptop, then it is highly recommended! This will ease the job and most importantly the old limit the impact Chrome’s on your laptop. My advice: DO NOT get used of the new update because Chrome doesn’t stop here, it is determined to minimize busy background tabs to the brim!

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