Borderlands 3 Teased in Tech Demo at GDC event by Gearbox Software

One of the panels at this year’s Game Developers Conference was hosted by Gearbox Software. If the name sounds unfamiliar, maybe this will help you put a face on that name: This is the company responsible for the critically acclaimed Borderline franchise. During its panel, Gearbox went on to showcase the kind of potential future games they develop might posses. The base for the discussion was provided by early content from the now in-production Borderlands 3, which will actually be the 5th game in the universe if you count the Telltale spinoff.

It is important to keep in mind that Gearbox did not actually show footage from Borderlands 3. The presented content was a tech demo, meaning that it shouldn’t be treated as a direct window into the heart and soul of the upcoming game. Some might have wanted the developer to go like “We’re working on Borderlands 3, here’s what it looks like”, but that wasn’t the case.

Borderlands is definitely a franchise that you would see exploring different planets, so the developers are interested in developing new tools that would allow them to appropriately showcase the many differences that would occur when such a drastic change of scenery would be in effect. Some of these include having a differently positioned sun or different physics altogether. It can also be as simple as having the time of day changes the environment in real time (from day to night).

While these ambitions and plans aren’t officially linked to Borderlands 3 by Gearbox, fans already assume that’s the case since it’s the most obvious recipient of these features. It would definitely make sense as the next chapter in Borderlines evolution after the progress previous installments made so far.

There were also a couple of pictures from what seemed to be a video game in development. Both shots featured a female character positioned so that her face wouldn’t be seen. The clever hiding of the character’s identity makes fans believe that Gearbox will be bringing back a former character from the series back for another installment.

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