Apple iPad Pro 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5 The Competition just got Fiercer

Everybody knows that Microsoft and Apple are competing against each other on a daily basis. The competition doesn’t end at operating systems and it extends to gadgets as well. Last year, both companies refreshed their 2-in-1 product offerings and both Microsoft and Apple have enjoyed high success with their Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro devices.

Taking in consideration the fact that both Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro have generated huge amounts of profits throughout 2016, everyone is expecting Microsoft and Apple to refresh their lineup once again. Both Microsoft and Apple have done a good job of keeping their mouths shut when asked about their upcoming devices and didn’t unveil any details. Fortunately, both companies have left hints which showed that they are getting ready to refresh their 2-in-1 offerings.

Apple iPad Pro 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: CPU Power

Rumor has it that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 will be powered by either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 635 chipset or Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake processor. Both of them are capable of providing owners with impressive hardware performances and whichever one Microsoft chooses is going to be a wise decision.

On the other hand, iPad Pro 2 is also expected to be fueled by Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake chipset. This processor has been built through a special 14-nm manufacturing process. The reason why this process is special is because it increases the processor’s performances by up to 40 percent which is quite a major performance boost.

Apple iPad Pro 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Display

Surface Pro 5 is expected to ship in the 21 inch, 24 inch and 28 inch display models. All panels will use PixelSense technology and will be able to run 4K resolution media content. Even better, the display will feature a high pixel resolution of 3,840 pixels.

Traditionally, Apple launches only two variants of its iPad Pro lineup but this year things are going to change. The highly anticipated iPad Pro 2 will be available in the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch variants. The reason why Apple is doing this is because it wants to cater to different budget-ranges. Additionally, these panels will feature True Tone, 3D Touch and Force touch options.

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