Apple iPad Pro 2 to Arrive in Late March

This year is going to be a great one for Apple fans. Everybody knows that the Cupertino based tech giant is going to refresh its iPhone lineup this year but rumor has it that Apple isn’t settling at that. The tech giant is expected to launch three brand new iPad Pros in 2017. The upcoming iPad Pro 2 offering is going to be available for purchase in the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and the premium 12.9 inch models.

Apple iPad Pro 2: Launch Date

Even though Apple has been doing a good job of keeping its mouth shut about upcoming devices, all hints and speculations are pointing towards a March iPad Pro 2 release. What’s interesting is that Samsung intended to launch its Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone during the Mobile World Congress but then changed its mind and postponed the date until March 28th. Apple is also going to hold a Spring event on March 28th, just a day before Samsung’s smartphone launch.

The two tech giants have been competing against each other on a daily basis and we can be sure that the competition is going to become more serious in March. Although, Apple has yet to send out invites for its Spring event. This might mean that Apple wants to launch the three iPad Pro 2 variants during its other Apple Park HQ event that takes place on 4th April. Nonetheless, April is just around the corner and we don’t have to wait anymore.

Apple iPad Pro 2: What We Can Expect

The entire world is enthusiastic about the upcoming devices because is the first time Apple decides to create a large 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2 variant. Additionally, Apple is expected to upgrade the hardware performances the tablets are able to provide by equipping them with its own A10X chipset. According to reviews, this processor is more than capable of putting up great hardware performances. Even better, all three iPad Pro 2 models will be lighter and thinner in comparison with the already existing models. Also worth mentioning is that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 models are going to be waterproof and that they will support Apple’s second generation stylus.


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