Apple iPad (2017) – Why Apple Fans Need to Stay Away From It

The tablet market is no longer as profitable as it used to be, but this isn’t stopping the likes of Apple from refreshing their offerings. Truth be told, Apple is the only company that still manages to generate huge amounts of profits with its tablets. The reason behind this is that Apple keeps on updating its already existing lineups with more advanced and feature packed gadgets.

As everyone might already know, last week Apple decided to unveil a brand new iPad. This is the most affordable Apple tablet ever made and it can be purchased for only $329. The device has only been made available in the 9.7 inch model and it replaces the highly popular, but older iPad Air 2 tablet.

iPad Pro will Replace iPad (2017)

The new device is cheaper and it also brings some additional features in comparison with iPad Air 2. Therefore, we can be sure that Apple fans are in a rush to acquire the tablet. However, we feel the need to advise Apple fans to not purchase the device.

Many might not this but know but Apple is actually planning on introducing two new iPad Pro tablets. The reason why this matters is because both of the upcoming tablets are going to so much more powerful than iPad (2017).

Taking in consideration that iPad (2017) is going to be replaced by the two upcoming iPad Pro devices, Apple fans should steer away from purchasing it and just wait for iPad Pro. In addition, the upcoming iPad Pro models will also be available in the same 9.7 inch variant.

iPad Pro Price-cut

Leaving aside the fact that iPad (2017) is going to be replaced, another reason that might persuade Apple fans to not purchase the company’s latest device is the fact that Apple always lowers the price of already existing products whenever it’s getting ready to launch new devices.

Therefore, Apple fans will be able to enjoy better deals and get their money’s full worth. The already existing iPad Pro models will be way cheaper than normal and all of them are actually able of providing higher hardware performances than iPad (2017) is able to.

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