Apple iOS 10.3 Brings Unexpected Feature

Apple product owners should be happy to know that iOS 10.3 has officially started rolling out. However there’s a downside to this update, it includes an unexpected surprise. Apple’s fan community has been taken by surprise after upgrading their device and receiving the unannounced feature. Today we’re going to clear things up by covering everything that iOS 10.3 brings to the table.

iOS 10.3 Upgrades Slower than Usual

It all started when Apple fans started reporting that iOS 10.3 is updating slower than usual. The reason why this matters is because iOS 10.3 only weighs in at 600MB and the designated device should upgrade in a matter of minutes. Reports are showing that older devices such as iPad Air 2, iPhone 5C and 5 require up to 50 minutes of time in order completely upgrade themselves.

Because the update is loading so slowly, the progress bar seems to not move at all. This caused many concern among the Apple fan community and the Cupertino based tech giant was forced to clear this issue by telling its customers to not panic and to just let their iOS powered device to load. Many Apple product owners have stopped the update believing that it wasn’t working and this caused the device to take damage.

New File System

On the bright side, there’s a good reason why iOS 10.3 is loading at this rate, it contains a new file system. This feature comes under the “Apple File System” name and it replaces the already existing HFS+ system. In addition, the new system will also be rolled out to macOS, tvOS and watchOS during the upcoming future.

Apple confirmed that this new system is going to completely enhance the way iPhones, iPads and iPods work from now on. The aforementioned devices will benefit from a bunch of hardware performance tweaks, SSD optimization and even improved backups. As a result of the optimization that’s being brought by the new file system, Apple devices will be able to store more files than usual on their memory.

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