Mobile Mashup: The Best Mobile Games Around

Your phone has more power than the supercomputers that took human beings to the Moon, and it can store about as much data as the Library of Congress. But you don’t want to just use it for boring work-related things. You want to play games and relax. These are some of the games you won’t want to miss.

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Image via Flickr by James Woodcock | Freelance Journalist

OS: iPhone/ Android

Rayman Jungle Run is the game that’s entertaining to every age group. In 2012 Ubisoft made the decision to take their popular game from the Nintendo 3DS and transform it into a mobile version. The game has wowed players with it’s, “lush painted backgrounds, smoothly animated characters and sheer variety of platform challenges.”


LetterpressImage via Flickr by gscottolson

OS: iPhone / iPad

One of the most addictive mobile games I have ever played. This is the game that will keep you up past midnight competing with your boyfriend, girlfriend or Game Center friend. Letterpress is a lot like a more entertaining version of Scramble. The game was developed by Loren Brichter and has had over 60,000 downloads on iTunes.

Babel Rising 3D

Babel RisingImage via Flickr by PSMANIA

OS: Windows Phone

Usually god games are about helping people, but this is an entirely different take on a familiar genre. Instead of helping the people to build a tower to the heavens, your goal is to stop those annoying mortals from constantly blithering to you as if they were on your level. Rain down your choice of plagues and stop them from reaching you for a satisfying and smite-filled victory.

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle

CamelotImage via Flickr by carlos62

OS: Android

Have you ever wanted to build your own kingdom? Forget the Facebook version, or even T-Mobile Android phones vs. iPhone, since this game lets you take your minions and serfs with you wherever you go. Wage war, grow crops, engage in trade negotiations and do other royal-type things at any time.

Angry Birds Star Wars

AG Star WarsImage via Flickr by kicks flicks

OS: iPhone/ Android

Angry Birds is one of the biggest mobile game franchises on the market. And when the release of this mega combination was released, it reportedly sold out within the first few hours. As in the original version of Angry Birds, rebellious birds are on a mission to attack the opposition of evil pigs.

Wild Blood

Wild BloodImage via

OS: Android

Have you ever wanted to test yourself against King Arthur and see if you can take Camelot? This massive, beautifully rendered game allows you to battle it out against a maddened Arthur and potentially take your place on the throne. You can also engage your friends in death matches and capture-the-flag action if the main quest gets too easy.

Games are the real reasons most people love their phones. The above are some great games that you should try today if you can spare the time they’ll waste.

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