Simply Incredible Games for Your own iPad

If you have purchased a new iPad you’re probably looking to download some apps, specifically some fun ones. Here is a list of some of the games out there that are well-worth the download.

The Room


Puzzle lovers will love this game. The Room takes you through a mysterious tale and makes you think to unfold the next chapter. And it literally unfolds. You start with a box that opens to reveal another box, which unfolds again and again to reveal more puzzles and amazing graphics. This game makes you think “outside the box” to get into it, you could say.

The title of the game is pretty simple, but there is a lot more to this game than a room. The game creators even hint at a continuation of the game, so those who solve the puzzles have a chance to do even more.

Fruit Ninja HD


For those who have already become addicted to Fruit Ninja on their iPhones, here is your chance to become addicted to it all over again on a bigger screen. The iPad version is basically the same at the iPhone version, but the graphics are more vibrant thanks to HD. With the bigger screen, you can also swipe up to 8 fingers across the screen for an epic fruit slicing experience. This makes the iPhone version seem like child’s play in comparison. Go ahead. Embrace the ninja art of fruit slashing and slicing.



The motto of this game is “absorb or be absorbed” and with its ambient music and vibrant graphics, it will be hard not to get absorbed into this game. High-Action games are great, but every once in a while you need a game like Osmos. It’s a physics-based game, though you don’t need to be a physics buff to enjoy it or appreciate it. Every level comes with new graphics and new levels of challenge. Propel your organism forward, absorbing smaller motes and avoiding predators along the way.



As one of the most popular indie games of the year, Machinarium has gained a lot of popularity with those looking for something a little different than what’s out there for adventure games. Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game with unique artwork and a compelling storyline. It is filled with puzzles and brain teasers, all linked together in the plot surrounding your character, a robot named Josef. Your goal is to save the city from the Black Cap Brotherhood, a group planning to bomb the city’s tower. This is a great combination of story and interaction.

Real Racing 2 HD


For a high quality, fast paced game you don’t have to look much further than Real Racing 2 HD for the iPad. There are hundreds of car racing games out there to choose from, but this one has realistic graphics to drool over. The controls respond well, you can play online with multiple players and share your progress with video sharing. The game has 30 license cars, 15 locations and regular updates to keep the game fresh; all with beautiful Retina graphics to enjoy.



You can get this app on iPad 2 or newer, which is well-worth the upgrade to play. Bastion offers amazing artwork, music and narration. It has ranked with the top indie games and best downloadable games, and made one of the best debuts in the iOS gaming world. The hand-painted artwork is the most eye-catching part of this game, while the varying difficulty allows the game to remain challenging but playable for a number of players. It offers a great story behind the gaming as well, for those who appreciate world-building in their games.

Author Bio: Michael Clark wrote this article on games on iPad. He is a gamer since childhood. He has a craze to play motorbike games and now he is a co editor at Motorbike Games 365.

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