Pre Launch Expectations – a Wonderful Experience with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has announced the release of the Galaxy Note 4 phablet in various markets later this year. Though the exact launch date of the device has not yet been revealed gadget enthusiasts are caught its pre-launch fever.

Numerous leaks are spreading across the globe about the specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, though few are real and rest rumors, let us discus them for more insight about this upcoming gadget.

Wonderful 16MP Camera

The new Galaxy Note 4 is loaded with a 16MP camera that is designed exclusively to capture the attention of global audience. The 16 megapixel camera is the best option that any competitors were trying hard to achieve significantly for so long years. There are rumors that the camera will be designed with anti-shake option. In this way the users will be able to take high resolution pictures at supreme quality even while in dim faded light using this hyper sensitive camera.

Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System

The operating system is the heart of a efficiently functioning smart device and the new Android 4.4 KitKat OS is superior in quality and comes with some unique features. This enable users to get a chance to experience speedy performance of various tasks and various with customized themes along with fresh notification icons.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Concept

Charge without wire

Amazing and true! Yes with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the users can easily benefit with the wireless charging technology. After various researches Samsung has introduced this technology that works with magnetic resonance to charge your Galaxy Note using a charging pad. With this method you can easily charge your phablets for a longer period of time. The display size really matters for the customers and therefore the wide display screen is sure an eye catcher and best Notebook gadget ever.

64GB Expandable memory

The 64GB is the best memory that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers for the ultimate satisfaction of their clients. The expandable feature is attractive and could be considered as the maximum in all the Note devices ever offered.

Other special features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

These are few of the speculations that the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to offer its long awaiting crowd of fans. There are few extra features that promise to provide thrilling experiences to the people who want an exciting performance.

The Galaxy Note 4 is loaded with awesome antennae for extraordinary performance. This is expected to be located at the middle part of the Note and sealed with protective gear that safeguards the phablet from any damages caused by wetness and thus the customers can enjoy nonstop signal services. There is a unique stylus attached for exclusive recognition of handwriting. The user can easily lock or unlock their Galaxy Note 4 with this feature. Though the above features are not recognized by the authorities of Samsung it still triggers more attention and expectation. The exquisite technology is sure going to improve the sales because of its exceptional experience.

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