HTC Desire 700 Receives Astronomical Price Drop

HTC’s Desire series off late had left, a lot to be desired. The worst of the lot had to be the Desire 700. Launched just a few months ago, this smartphone had specs that are fitting for a mid-range (~ Rs. 20k) smartphone, but started selling at an astronomical Rs. 33,050.

The hilarity of the situation was that that the HTC One Mini, which has a higher-resolution display and an aluminium body, was sold for almost the same price!

Fortunately, the Taiwanese phone maker has now come to its senses and has slashed the Desire 700’s price to Rs. 22,500. The phone will now compete with the likes of the XPERIA M2 Dual that was showcased at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014.

HTC Desire 700

In January, HTC’s CFO had said that HTC will make cheaper smartphones to return to profitability. Making their existing smartphones cheaper seems to be the first right move, before making new cheap smartphones.

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