Wipro launches e.go “Aero” series of Ultrabooks in India

Wipro is not just an IT solutions company as it has been in the PC making business since a long time. Although not popular as most of its international competitors they have been producing laptops and PCs since more than a few years.

Now, the company has launched its very first series of Ultrabooks under its new e.go “Aero” series of notebooks for India. The range includes of three variants available in different configurations starting from 11.6-inch of display for two models and a 14-inch display for the high end model.

First one and the most affordable amongst the three is the Aero Alpha which is designed for average usage, has an 11.6-inch display. Next is the Aero Book which has slightly upgraded features than the former and also sports an 11.6-inch display. Finally, the most capable of all is the Aero Ultra which is encased in a magnesium alloy, is 19.3mm thick, weighs 1.7kg and sports a 14-inch display.

These ultrabooks will feature Intel’s second generation Core i5 processor, clocked at 1.86 GHz, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and up to 500 GB of HDD. They will come with Windows 7 Home Basic and range from 39,900 INR to 49,000 INR.

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