Windows Phone 8.1 Newest Firmware Update

Windows Phone 8.1 Firmware Update

Windows 10 Mobile is ready to be released on “older” devices, and Microsoft has finally offered a few more details about the upcoming update.

According to the American multinational technology company, some of the devices that run on Windows Phone 8.1 will need to receive a Firmware Update before they are able to get the Windows 10 Mobile OS. With other words, we’re still not close to getting a specific release date of the Windows 10 Mobile, but a Microsoft official has offered a few more details.

Until now, almost all Lumia devices that run on Windows Phone came bundled with the firmware update.  Lumia Cyan came with Windows Phone 8.1, while the Lumia Denim has been released with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. According to reports, the Windows 10 Mobile will not come with any firmware update bundled.

With other words, the Windows Phone 8.1 devices will need to get firmware updates separately. For some devices, these updates will arrive at the same time with the Windows 10 Mobile, while for other devices, these firmware updates will arrive before the release of the Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft’s representatives said that, currently, they can’t specify when the Windows 10 Mobile OS will be released for the Windows 8.1 devices, but they’re suggesting the users to update the software from their Windows 8.1 devices in preparation for the new Windows OS.

We remind you the Windows 10 Mobile was expected to be launched for the Windows Phone devices sometime in December 2015, but because of some unknown issues, Microsoft has decided to delay the release date.

There were reports that have suggested that the Windows 10 Mobile will be released for Windows 8.1 devices in January 2016, but that didn’t happen either. Microsoft Mexico has announced that Windows 10 Mobile will start rolling out on February 29, 2016, but later, the announcement was off.

We’ll keep you updated and let you know when we’ll find more news regarding the Windows 10 Mobile release date.

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