Windows 10 Mobile Update – What Will Be Its Future?

Windows 10 Mobile Update, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10

Until the release of Windows 10, Microsoft’s mobile devices were running on a completely different platform than the desktop computers and laptops, but the company wanted to make the new OS run across multiple devices. However, Windows 10 will replace Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 and currently, Microsoft is testing cumulative patch 10586.122 internally and soon, the operating system will be released for the Lumia devices. Lately, the company had a drop in sales, but Microsoft already admitted that its new strategy is to sell secure flagships to business people, so the upcoming Lumias will come with an iris scanner which will allow users to long into Windows 10 Mobile’s enterprise applications.

Microsoft is still working on the Windows 10 Mobile, because the developers had a few issues with offline Maps navigation and the inability to record audio in OneNote, or some forwarded messages in Outlook could not be open. Windows 10 Mobile is still immature and Microsoft will need to hurry up and make it stable until it reaches OEMs such as Acer and Alcatel, which will have smartphones that will run on this operating system.

What is certain is that the Windows Store will continue to receive applications that will be compatible with both Windows 10 for desktop and Windows 10 Mobile for phones and tablets. Since the new operating system will run on Xbox and other IoT devices, it means that the Netflix app will be supported by all of them.

Without a doubt, the 2-in-1 computers and tablets that can be coupled with a physical keyboard will continue to be Microsoft’s ace in the sleeve, because of their high end specs and come in handy when the users need to do field work and can’t carry their heavy laptops with them. This is why Microsoft will bee to focus on mobile applications and to adapt their interface to a smaller screen of a tablet and to protect them against viruses, because they can easily get inside Windows 10 Mobile smartphones with access to the internet.

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