Why You Should Care About Facebook’s Newest Feature & How To Enable It

Facebook recently introduced a new feature which enables it’s users to switch to the HTTPS version of the site. And it’s about time they did so.

For those who do not know, the internet uses HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, to load webpages when browsing. HTTPS is the same as above, with the extra S standing for “secure”. HTTPS is a combination of HTTP and SSL/TLS protocol to provide you with secure and encrypted data connections.

In layman’s language, switching to HTTPS is beneficial. Why?

Well, simply because HTTPS is more secure and protects you from attacks from tools like Firesheep, which can easily steal your private information otherwise. This could have a potentially disastrous domino effect on your privacy, which is obviously unwarranted. This protection is of great relevance when you browse on open or public Wi-Fi networks, which is usually where data theft of the afore mentioned kind take place.

So how do you switch to HTTPS?

Click on the account settings tab, under your account header on the top right hand corner. Under account security, click the change button, and check the box that says “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”. Click the save button, and you are good and safe to browse on Facebook henceforth!

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