WhatsApp BETA Released Via Google Play Store

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. The application is currently owned by Facebook and it has over 1 billion monthly active users. It is good to know that WhatsApp is the only application from Facebook that’s not banned in China.

Facebook has purchased WhatsApp for 22 billion dollars back in 2014 and since then, the application has received many changes. Even if the application doesn’t have a version for PC, you are now able to log into your WhatsApp application via the web browser and using the web client. However, in order for this feature to function, you will need to keep the connection on your mobile device active and the WhatsApp application open.

During Google I/O 2014, the big search engine company has announced beta tracks on the Google Play Store. This allows the users to sign up to beta testing a particular application in a dedicated Google+ community or Google Group. The users from that community are only able to check out the alpha or beta version of that particular application. This is helping the developers a lot, as the users will be able to report bugs and errors in there.

It seems that WhatsApp has also joined this “program” and has made a beta track available for its application. However, WhatsApp will not be using the Google+ community or Google Group for the WhatsApp BETA testing and, instead, it will use the Facebook platform.

However, before you decide to opt for the WhatsApp BETA application, we remind you that you may find bugs or other errors, which can be quite annoying for some users. So, if you want a bug-free WhatsApp application, we suggest you to keep using the latest STABLE version of the mobile messaging application.

Tell us your thoughts about the WhatsApp BETA “program” that was just released on the Google Play Store!

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