Watch Dogs 2 Major Update Has Arrived

It looks like Ubisoft hasn’t forgotten about Watch Dogs 2 even though the game was launched back in November 15, 2016. The game producer has just started rolling out a major update to the game. The update will arrive to PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms at the same time. Worth mentioning is that the update is pretty large, weighing in at 13.96GB for PC and 10.67 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Because a couple of months have passed since the game was launched, all players have managed to finish the game already. With this update, Ubisoft is making sure that players will still have something to do in Watch Dogs 2. Additionally, the game’s version will be upgraded to 1.11. The reason why it’s so big is because it includes new locations, fixes bugs and many more other features.

Ubisoft announced that this update has been rolled out with one purpose in mind, to prepare the game for the upcoming Human Conditions DLC. Fortunately, Ubisoft decided to release the full patch notes. We will go over some key features together and see what we can expect.

Watch Dogs 2 New Features

The upcoming Human Conditions DLC will come with a new story that’s not going to be related to already existing places. This is why the new update brings a bunch of new world locations alongside it. We will not go over all of them and just advise players to go explore them on their own.

Additionally, Marcus will become more customizable. Players will be able to choose from different clothing options so that they can express themselves better. In fact, the update brings four DedSec clothing items and twelve new standard clothing items. The game will also include a couple of new emotes that will make sure players can express themselves.

The game will also be more stable because the update will fix all of its bugs. Ubisoft announced that even the game’s AI will be more enhanced from now on. Nonetheless, interested Watch Dogs 2 players can head over to Ubisoft’s website and check out the full patch list and see what’s going to change.

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