Ubuntu OS for smartphones to hit markets by October 2013

There are quite few new smartphone operating system which are scheduled to commercially debut this year. We already know about the BlackBerry 10 OS which was recently unveiled by BlackBerry and we also know about the upcoming Mozilla OS for smartphones.

The latest in the bunch is Ubuntu OS for smartphones and we have already got a small glimpse of what it will offer. In a recent interview with WSJ, founder and CEO of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth revealed that smartphones running Ubuntu will be available in two large geographical markets for consumers in October this year.

In the mean time the company will already promote app development as developers will have access to the OS which will be optimized for the Galaxy Nexus and they can start developing as early as this month.

 The mobile version of the Ubuntu OS was announced last month where the company also detailed a few prime features of the OS. It is based on a typical Android Board System Package, meaning manufacturers (or smartphone vendors) will be able to use the same Android hardware to run Ubuntu, hence minimizing further investments. We also know that the OS will implement a swipe based user interface which might have some similarities to the BB10 OS.

The pricing and the range of devices which will come with Ubuntu OS are unknown as of now. However, if it can run on any Android hardware it is likely we might have similar Ubuntu based smartphones coming to the markets.

Another possibility is that we might get a good glimpse at the device much earlier that it is officially expected to arrive. As the development and modding community for Android may find ways to port it on existing Android hardware much before the first official Ubuntu smartphone arrives in stores.


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