Tips And Tricks That Will Make You A Gmail Expert

Tips And Tricks That Will Make You A Gmail Expert

Gmail has, officially, 1 billion active users and their number is growing every day. There are veteran users who had plenty time to observe the improvements that have been done to this email service over the years, while newcomers are trying to do more than reading and replying to emails sent by their friends. There are many things they can do to make their experience better, especially if they are accessing their accounts from an Android device. Here’s a short list of tricks and tips that can turn any Gmail user into a pro user.

Canned responses

Instead of writing the same message until it’s becoming tiring and frustrating, you could set up automated responses by turning on the Canned Responses option from Settings > Labs. Now, you will write an email and save it by just clicking the arrow from the bottom right corner and this canned response will be available anytime you need to reply to a message from someone.

Merging Inboxes

Gmail for Android has the option to merge inboxes, as the users can look at more messages from their other Google accounts, at the same time, in one place. The users will need to add their accounts and this can be done via the drop-down menu which is found below the avatar, in the left side.

Pausing Inbox

If you’re a popular person and you’re flooded by emails, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. So, why not pausing your inbox in order to be able to read all emails and respond to them, then when you’re done, you can turn off the browser extension and your inbox will be invaded again.

Use The Search Option Smarter

If you don’t have patience to navigate through all emails that you’ve received along time, enter “older_than:1y” or “older_than:1d” in the search box, and you’ll find all messages that are more than a year/day old.

Gmail Can Be Trained To Sort Mail

There are different inboxes where emails will end up, depending on their level of importance: Priority, Inbox, Spam etc. However, you can train Gmail to determine how important emails are and will send them to the appropriate folder. It’s very simple, as when you’ll see an unimportant email being placed in the wrong place, you can mark is as not important by selecting the Settings from the top right hand corner. Important emails located in Spam will be marked as important by hitting the overflow menu. Gmail will learn how important or not important these emails are and will send them to the right folder, the next time.

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