Steve Jobs Is Guiding the Company From Home

On Jan 17 , 2011, we heard that Steve Jobs went on a leave due to health issues. But today, we hear from a ‘Wall Street Journal’ report that Mr. Jobs is actively participating in the company from home, i.e, he is well aware of the daily happening in the company and guiding them about the futures releases, which we all know are the speculated iPad 2, probably iPhone Mini and the next iPhone.

WSJ Report :

The 55-year-old Mr. Jobs, whose ailment hasn’t been disclosed, has been taking business meetings at home and on the phone, these people said.

He also has been seen on Apple’s Cupertino, Calif., campus and in public in Palo Alto, Calif., with a company executive, said people familiar with the matter.

Among products he is continuing to work on are the next version of the iPad tablet computer, expected out in the next couple of months, and a new iPhone, expected to be released this summer, said two of these people.

“Steve is the CEO of Apple and during his medical leave he’ll continue to be involved in major strategic decisions,” said an Apple spokeswoman. Messrs. Jobs and Cook didn’t respond to requests for comment.


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