Sony Xperia M5 Isn’t Quite Up To Par With Its Competition

Sony launched its Xperia M5 back in October, 2015 and this smartphone was expected to take the market by storm. Even though Sony equipped the device with a sleek design and impressive hardware parts, these features weren’t enough for Xperia M5 to go against it’s tough competition. Sony’s flagship smartphone is going against the likes of Moto Z Play and Google Nexus 5X, which are known as being some of the best Android powered devices ever made.

Sony Xperia M5: Flawed Design

The smartphone certainly looks good from a visual standpoint, but there’s a flaw. Sony is known for creating good looking smartphone designs, but Sony is also infamous for overusing plastic materials. Well, this can be seen in Xperia M5’s case as well. The main issues with plastic materials is that they make the smartphone feel quite cheap, even though it is priced at $275. Sony Xperia M5 owners are required to acquire a high-quality phone case and while there might be many Sony cases, they still cost extra amounts of money.

Sony Xperia M5: Display

The Japanese hardware manufacturer is known for creating some of the best IPS LCD displays in the world. Therefore, Xperia M5 ships with a 5 inch IPS LCD full HD display. The panel has a 1080p resolution and its color representation is near perfect. Leaving the display aside, let’s take look under Xperia M5’s hood and see what we can find.

Sony Xperia M5: Hardware Specs

As previously mentioned, the smartphone has been equipped with impressive hardware specs. It is fueled by an octa-core MediaTek M76795 chipset that’s been clocked at 2.0GHz. The processor is also coupled with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space that can be expanded via microSD car. While these specs might look impressive, they pale in comparison with Xperia M5’s competition. These days, smartphones have become more gaming centric and this is why they are being equipped with even more impressive hardware specs each year. The main issue this smartphone has is that it has been priced at $275 which puts it in the same category as Nexus 5X and Samsung Galaxy S5. If the device was priced a tad lower, it would have been quite successful.

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