Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab S3 February Security Patch Available

We have good news for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 3 owners. The giant US network carrier T-Mobile started rolling out the February Android security patch. This came as a surprise for everyone since T-Mobile didn’t roll out a security update for these devices since 2015. This information has been confirmed on T-Mobile’s official support page.

Taking in consideration the fact that both Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 3 haven’t received a software update in 14 months, this security patch is quite important. The devices are being affected by a bunch of flaws and vulnerabilities at the moment and this patch will get rid of them. Worth mentioning is that T-Mobile released this patch at the start of the week and that it can also be downloaded from the carrier’s official website.

The fact that T-Mobile rolled out this update surprised everyone. It looks like the reason why T-Mobile decided to this is because there are still a lot of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab S3 users. This is quite impressive since the devices are close to reaching their four year milestone. Additionally, both of them are running on the older Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. It seems like the device’s Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM are still able of providing users with stable hardware performances.

Interestingly enough, T-Mobile is known for always trying to steer away from meddling with older devices. The network carrier is mostly focusing on the latest flagship devices instead. Nonetheless, it’s great knowing that huge companies such as T-Mobile are paying close attention to their customer base and accommodating them with the latest updates.

Regarding the February Android security patch, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 3 users should hurry up and download it as soon as possible. Even though Google puts a high price on security, some threats still managed to slip through the cracks. This patch will take care of all the security problems that are affecting these devices, which are quite many when taking in consideration that they are pretty old. If the security patch hasn’t’ arrived OTA (over the air) yet, users can manually download it themselves from T-Mobile’s website.

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