PS4 4.50 Update – What Can You Find

Those who registered in the special program are now receiving the beta codes by email from Sony. The company gave away some details about the new features that are going to appear together with the 4.50 update to the PlayStation 4 software. The update has the codename Sasuke and it will bring some interesting features.

One of the new things you are going to see with the upgrade is the fact that now you will be able to store content on an external HDD. You just have to plug the HDD (which has to be a USB 3.0 one) to the console and that’s it. You can use up to 8 TB to download and install any applications you want directly to the HDD. The apps you save on the HDD can be accessed in the Content Launcher, on the Home Screen.

Another interesting addition is the fact that now you can set your favorite screenshot in the game as a wallpaper for the home screen of the console. You can also tweak the system icons and texts in order to make them more visible by adding drop-shadows for text or dimming the Function Area.

Among other improvements you will find: a refreshment of the Quick Menu, which is the menu you can access if you long press the PS button in DualShock 4; a simplification for the notification list that doesn’t use tabs anymore and 3D Blu-Rays for the console. Moreover, the 4.50 Update lets you post various things, such as gifs, texts and screenshots straight on the Activity Feed. You can also tag games and even other PSN users if you want them to see the posts. The feature Live from PlayStation will now shoe screenshots that people have uploaded as being a Public Activity.

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